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Skoda Rally Club

Škoda Rally Club is the only professional organization of its kind in the Czech Republic with a broad expertise in rally safety management.

We focus on both international and domestic competitions taking place in the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic throughout a racing season. These are for instance Rally Bohemia, Barum Rally, Rally Šumava, etc.

The club’s main objective is to provide a professional team of crews performing as reliable and effective forerunners for any rally sport occasion. Our cars are numbered as “000”, “00”, “0” and enter individual special stages only a few minutes prior the fastest contestant kicks off the race. Besides, our drivers held internationally recognized accreditations and are being regularly trained in accordance with FAS guidelines and regulations.

Our services
The following list outlines services our team offers in areas of rally safety management:
- assessing safety and organizational measures established throughout each special stage prior a race commencement
- providing rally safety management team with accurate real-time information regarding stage conditions and installed safety measures
- advising rally safety management team in high-risk incidents and situations which can result in a stage cancellation
- making visiting fans and field safety personnel operating alongside special stages aware of incoming cars
- video-recording the overall readiness of each special stage in its entire length
- providing rally organizational team, free of charge, with a digital record of implemented safety and organizational measures for further evaluation and future improvements
- organizing a workshop assessing implemented measures for rally safety personnel and suggesting potential improvements for future events
- providing safety management and organizational know-how in planning stages of new rally sport events

Our Assets

To be able to perform above outlined responsibilities, our crews, respectively our modified Škoda rally cars are equipped with special devices and apparatus listed below. On top of these, our cars have to meet the essential safety standard prescribed for professional rally sport vehicles. Therefore, we equip our crews with accredited seats, 6-point fastening seat belts, intercom, helmets, extinguisher, tripmaster, etc.
- Safety system composing of voice transmitting amplifier and double flashing beacon, which are normally found in a typical police vehicle. This system allows our crews to communicate with field safety personnel and visiting fans, as well as informing them about any specific dangers, delays or stage cancellation as they drive through the different sections of special stages.

- Hand-free mobile phone kit connected with both driver’s and co-driver’s helmets. This system enables our crews to communicate with a rally safety office in real-time and instantaneously report any discrepancies from a rally safety management plan.

- Video recording equipment firmly fixed to a special frame installed inside the cockpit. This is usually represented with a standard video-camcorder recording the conditions of individual special stages operated by co-drivers.

Our History

Since founding in the year 2000 Škoda Rally Club has been playing an important role in increasing safety standards and improving overall quality of rally sport events in the Czech Republic. In addition, the number of events we have been participating in over the last few years has been rapidly increasing every year.

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